EGR Buick Century


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EGR Buick Century

Sounds like I have the same problem, how do I go about cleaning and how do I check clean plenum?

Will service engine light go off if problem is solved or must car be travelling for a certain number of miles

can I leave valve off and check airflow

where can I buy gasket with strainer

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remove the egr and the air intake (rubber hose connected to the throttle body) . I then put a rag in the throttle body to stop to much debri and carb cleaner from going down he intake(but don;t lose it down the plenum) . The port for the egr is right behind the throttle plate and travels to the port under the egr valve. Using a small metal wire or pipe cleaner automotive type not craft type and carb cleaner then start the slow and painful process to clean the port till carb cleaner or shop air flows through the passage freely. ( one way to tell how bad it is clogged or if it is clogged is to remove the egr and see if the car starts. If the passage is clean the car should stall, if clogged it will run ) be carefull for exhuat gas
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EGR Code 95 Pontian GP 3.1L

Here is a good one, I get a service engine soon light as soon as the car slows down from 55 or 60 mph , never fails. I have confirmed the EGR Valve is good and that the port is clear, I also replaced the Gaskets during an intake man gasket repair. The shop that scanned it for me said it was showing #3 port error on the EGR. That should be the biggest one. I am not sure what else to do. The light only activates when I decelerate from a high speed of 50+. One other interesting thing during really hot days like 95+ it didn't come on.

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