Crown Victoria won't stay crunk while it warming up


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Exclamation Crown Victoria won't stay crunk while it warming up

I have a í99 Ford Crown Victoria and when I crank it up in the morning, it wants to cut off by itself after 5 to 10 seconds. I try to start it up in the morning, so it can warm up, its starts puttering like its choking. Once the car warms up, it stops puttering and runs great. It didnít start doing this until some of the spark plugs went out in it and the SEL come on. I got it tuned up and the SEL hasn't been on since, but it still putters when i crank it up in cold weather. It has been doing this for 2 weeks. Iíve took it to 2 different mechanics and neither one of them can figure it out. The SEL is not on, so there machine wont pick anything up. Does anyone know whatís wrong with this car and why it is puttering only on cold mornings? It makes no since to me.....
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Most of the time that would be your engine temp sensor for the computer (not the gauge).
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as well as the temp sensor, the idle air controle might not be moving smoothly on cold mornings. you will need to use a digital vom on the temp sensor, start with a cold motor and check the resistance through the temp sensor, then start the vehicle and check the change in the the first 30 seconds of run time, it should be very smooth with no jumps to infinant resistance if the resistance goes to infinant at any time it will need replaced.
also you will need to check the voltage to the temp sensor if memory serves if should be about 4.5volts. in to the sensor. one other thing is if your injectors are starting to get dirty the spray pattern may be bad enough to keep from running properly when cold.

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it sound like u need to take your car to another shop. just cause the engine light isn't on doesn't mean there isn't many other things to look at for engine data on there scan tool. to diagnose the problem
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Thanks fellows, I do appreciate your help. I dont think my car has a engine temperature sensor, unless it could be another kind of temp sensor. This car is full of electronics. Its a 99' crown victoria LX, leather seats, with digital dashboard and digital climate control unit. But i do want to thank you for your response.
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Question 'sputtering'

Just a few thoughts!
Did it start and run BEFORE you changed the plugs?
Will it run if you accelerate it manually after you start it?
Check ALL the vacuum lines on the engine for looseness or being off.
There is probably a cold start feature on the engine to let it idle when cold. What about the TPS?
Did the other 2 mech. that looked at it get ANY codes out of it? Check for wires that may have been dislocated(pulled off) while changing the plugs. Sounds to me also like the engine temp. sensor. (The comp. does not know that the engine is cold.)

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