Please help!


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Please help!

I have a 2006 chevrolet silverado 2500HD diesel, last time I drove it was two days ago, this morning when I was going to go out I took my keys and try to unlock it with the keyless remote and nothing happened, I open the truck with the key, try to turn it on and nothing turns on, I went back to the house and got my spare keys, try to unlock it whit the spare keyless and it didnt work either. Please help me, I want to know what's wrong.

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Uhhh dead battery maybe? Its basically 3 yrs or more old....
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if it is a dual battery system replace both at the same time, most diesels are dual battery systems. not saying that battery is bad just if one is you should replace both. have the system tested before just replacing.

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To further Speed's comments, I drive a 2001 Cummins, and had starting problems, too. I knew the batteries were good, but the connections were questionable. Remove the connectors, clean them or replace them, as well as cleaning the battery posts. Makes all the difference having 24 volts rather than 12. I can't imagine both batteries going so dead that the locks won't even work. Have the system checked for a leak.
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I called gmc road asistance and they send a tow company, he conected the jumper cables from his big truck to my battery and didn't want to start, we have to connect my nephew's truck to the other battery and then it started, I drove the truck for abouth an hour, this was like 7:00pm, I checked to see if it will turn on like 11:00 and it did, the next morning I tried it like around 9:00am and it worked, I went out and came back at 6:00pm and it didn't turn on, I had some power left and I use my wifes car to jump started it and it turned on. Do you think the batteries are gone?, I'm planing to take it to the dealer shop monday, I think still under warranty.
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it sounds like you have a draw on the system as if something is left on.....usualy it's something you can't light or under hood light in trucks....for a quick check you could pull the bulbs out of those items and see what happens....if it still is running down you will have to get it drain down 24 volts in such a short time sounds like its i big draw....still have the batteries checked not saying that still isn't the issue....but you can rule out the simple things
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Buy a $20 voltmeter from Sears and check alternator voltages. The recharge of the batts. could be an issue too.
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I had to take it to the dealer shop and they checked it and found that the switch in the driver side that controls the seat was stucked, they replace it; lets see if that was the problem. Thakyou all for all your help.

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