Help, I'm getting wet

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Help, I'm getting wet

The passenger side window on my 2000 Grand Voyager has a mind of it's own. Some days it will go up and down and others it will not work at all.
Today of all days it decides to go down and not go back up and it has rained all day long. I'm thinking it has to be the motor but my question is............can someone please tell me how to get the door panel off, without damaging it?
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Using a trim stick (C-4755), pry courtesy lamp from door trim.
Disconnect wire connector from courtesy lamp.
If equipped, remove screws attaching door assist handle to inner door panel.
If equipped, remove screw attaching door pull cup to inner door panel.
If equipped, remove screws attaching trim panel to door from below map pocket.
If equipped, remove window crank.
Using a trim stick, remove screw cover from switch panel.
Remove screws attaching switch panel to door trim.
Remove power accessary switch from door trim Front Door Switch Panel
Disconnect power switch from wire connector.
If equipped, using a small, flat bladed pry tool, remove memory seat/mirror switch and disconnect wire connector Memory Seat/Mirror Switch
If equipped, remove screw holding door trim to door panel from behind inside latch release handle.
Disengage clips attaching door trim to door frame around perimeter of panel Front Door Trim Panel
Lift trim panel upward to disengage flange from inner belt molding at top of door.
Tilt top of trim panel away from door to gain access to latch linkage.
Disengage clip attaching linkage rod to inside latch release handle Inside Door Handle Linkage
Separate linkage rod from latch handle.
Remove front door trim panel from vehicle.
that sums it up but if you need the window up hold the switch and hit the center of the door from the inside usualy gets the window up.....and i think you have to get the motor and regulator and that said if i remember if you pull the motor off good luck getting it back on

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