Oil in car gas tank, wrong container used


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Oil in car gas tank, wrong container used


The oil/gas mixture container was used to put in gas into my car, 1989 Geo Spectrum. We ran her a bit with no problems not knowing of this mistake. (She is a keepsake now and is not driven.) Still, I want her totally "well". What shall we do? Fill thr tank with gas and let her run???

Thank you kindly.
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Yep.....fill it up and run it....
Not worth doing anything else, and the small amount of oil can't be any worse than bad valve seals or rings.
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Thank you, kind Knight. I do love my Spectrum and want to keep her at the very least running til I die. Ha.
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will work just about like useing stabil in the fuel. no problem as long as you don't use to much of it.

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I agree no big deal
I use to run mixed gas from our chainsaws thru my tank all the time when I was short of cash. That was years ago though.
I think the rule of thumb I heard was one tank and then might be damage to the O2 sensor.
As said would be a good idea to dilute with fresh gas and run it thru.
How much mix was put thru and what was the mix?
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no biggie

No big deal just top off with good gas NO oil. Reminds me of my young days when I had a dirt bike that ran premix gas.
I was out in the middle of nowere and low on fuel with the only fuel mixed for the dirt bike in a 5 gallon fuel can.
I put it in the old Datsun pickup and it worked just fine.

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