How to Change Crankshaft


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How to Change Crankshaft

I was wondering if someone can give me a detailed breakdown of how I can go about changing the crankshaft on my 2000 Ford Mustang GT. Thanks so much!
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I suggest you check the library for a manual. Your project is way too complex to try to type out all of the steps.
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That would be pretty hard for a DIYer. Just starting out, you need to remove the engine, usually along with the transmission, then seperate the transmission and remove the flex plate (or flywheel, depending on if it's a manual or automatic transmission). You then will be doing things like removing the harmonic balancer, intake manifold, and the cylinder heads. Then the connecting rods are removed from the crank, and the pistons along with the rods are removed as a unit, then the crank bearing caps are removed and the crankshaft can be removed. I probably glossed over a lot of items particualr to this car, but those would the the basic steps involved. Would need a lot of tools to do it right, plus renting and engine hoist aka "cherry picker" to remove the engine. Would probably want to get the engine block "align bored" at the same time, and new piston rings and main bearings, oh and I think the new crank would neccesitate new connecting rod bearings. In general it can be cost-effective to just get a reman engine, at least a "short block" if not a "long block" which is more complete.
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if all you need is a crank and bearings you don't need to remove the heads or intake manifold, however gillyWI is correct if it needs a crank you probably would need to do a complete overhaul, and for any of this you will need a good shop manual to follow.
why do you need to change the crankshaft?

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