No heat in 98 Blazer


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No heat in 98 Blazer

I have a 98 Blazer, 4.3 V-6. Engine is not running hot, just under 210 degrees. Not getting any heat out of the heater, going to get real cold this weekend. Could it be the thermostat?
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could very well be thermostat stuck open or even as simple as not enough prestone in cooling system
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But wouldn't the engine run hot if this was the case?
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Just under 210 degrees seems hot enough for the engine
Confirm flow from engine thru heater core by feeling both heater hoses. One should be quite warm and the other cooler then the first.
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if in fact your temp guage is correct, then the engine is providing enough heat, so either your coolant system is low on coolant or your heater core is plugged, or a blend door is not working properly, check the hoses and coolant level, make sure no vacum hoses are broken or off. if all of this checks out then you will need to start attempting to get under your dash and access the blend door to see if it moves properly.

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clogged heater cores are common, both hoses should be hot if the flow is correct. also air temp delivery problems are common from broken vacuum lines.
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Happens to my wife's 01' Blazer every year. Remove the heater hoses and back flush the heater core with a water hose real good. Heat will probably start working then.

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