Buying 1998 Sunfire GT 2.4


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Buying 1998 Sunfire GT 2.4

I am looking to buy a 1998 Sunfire GT 2.4 DOHC(150,000 kms)
Does anyone know how to tell if there is a water pump problem without taking it for a long ride. It doesn't make any noise at the moment but when I went to see it, there was a puddle under the car and he said he just put some anti freeze in. Of course there are no plates on it so I can't take it very far and not to my mechanics garage! It has 150 000 kms on it and is very clean! but I am worried about the water pump as it is about $1000.00 to fix it, time consuming work.
What is the usual life of a water pump?
Can anyone help or should I just walk away!
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The water pump is probably close to it's life expectancy. Check the procedure for replacement on autozone. It's not easy but I don't see $1000 involved.
If the owner just put antifreeze in, the question is why. It had to go somewhere to require more. Move the car to a dry spot and put a piece of cardboard under the engine. See what kind of mess you have in 24 hours. Look, with a strong flashlight, for the source of the leak. Could just be an old or loose hose, or it could be around the water pump.
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Buying 1998 Sunfire GT 2.4

I had a 96 and drove it for over 10 years, Sounds like the water pump but you wont know for sure until you look under it.

Changing the water pump is not impossible but it isnt easy either. to change it you have to remove the timing cover and that goes from the top to bottom on the right side of the motor, the water pump bolts have to be removed from the inside of the cover, I can't remember if you have to remove the timing chain but I do remember everyone telling me to replace the timeing chain tensioner . ( might as well while you are in there) it is not hard.
Either way put it on jack stands so you can get under it,
you will need to pull the right motor mount to get the over off.
sit aside a long afternoon and you should be fine.

I ran mine over 227,000 miles before the transmission went out and then I sold it to a kid that put a transmission in it and he is still driving it the last I heard.
the only thing I did to the motor was, water pump, alternator, and replaced a coil pack.

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