2002 Old Intrigue


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2002 Old Intrigue

I was driving my car today and all of a sudden my check engine light came on and we noticed a wierd smell like burned plastic or something like that. It seems more noticable from the outside than the inside of my car. There was no performance issue, more it was the smell.

Any ideas on what it could be?
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Nothing really springs to mind that would smell like burning plastic and also be CEL-related unless you had a wire harness or connector fall onto the exhaust or something. First step, get a code read; AutoZone among others will read it for free.
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Actually, today I narrowed down that it is my exhaust fumes are the one that smell kind of wierd (smell kind of like burt plastic)

I will go and get some codes in the next coming days....................
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if your car has a 3.5 or 4.0, check to see if it has air injection, one common problem the air pumps suck up water and burn up, seize, blow 40 amp fuse ect, also the plastic hoses in the system could have fell off and landed on the exhaust directly some where. Also when the system fails it will set a check engine light

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