Floating steering wheel

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Floating steering wheel

I own a 94' Chevy Cavalier. I bought it last year for $500 as a cheap gas getter. It's a 5 spd and gets about 30-35 mpg. Anyways. Today while I was driving the tilt steering broke. The latch that the tilt holds on to seems to have broken. Now my stearing wheel just bounces up and down. It won't lock up or down. It naturally wants to rest in it's highest position which causes me to have to keep constant downforce on it to drive safely.

Is there any way to fix it without replacing the steering column? I don't care if I have to rig it permenantly to the down position. It's a cheap car and I don't care about astetics. Looking for a cheap fix. Can anyone help?
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I've been out of the Auto Repair industry since '92, but IF I recall correctly, Tilt steering is basically a gear type mechanism where the tilt lever engages a gear in the column to allow different driving positions.

If you no longer have tilt wheel control, then chances are the "Gears" are stripped in the steering column.

I can think of a few ways to "Force" it to the lowest position, however none of my ideas would be safe, and potentially would be illegal, so I won't say what they are.

Bottom line, if your tilt steering is broken, you'll probably need a new steering column to be both safe and legal.
(Rigging it is probaly not illegal, but I'm quite sure it would not be SAFE)

Of course legal is really the smaller part. You should really fix it right to be Safe first....

Sorry I don't have better news.
Anyone else have Ideas, or knowlege of how to replace the Tilt steering portion of a steering column for Tilt_777??


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