93 Toyota Tercel - Motor runs cold


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93 Toyota Tercel - Motor runs cold

My Toyota Tercel just doesn't warm up. Put in a new high temperature thermostat and completely covered the radiator. With -20C (and colder) outdoor temperatures (tis the season) the heat indicator hardly moves off the C. Coolant level is good and the interior heater works just fine when there is engine temperature but she just doesn't warm up inthis cold weather. May seem a little silly but I'm considering covering the engine with a fire proof blanket of some sort to see if I can keep some heat in the motor. Would appreciate hearing some better ideas. Thanks
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you may have installed the thermostat backward, if it is working properly your vehicle will warm up properly. most of the time the coil spring goes toward the block of the vehicle,

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Have you checked to make sure rad fan is working as it should? It should only be coming on when operating temperature is reached, and coolant is up to specified temperature, + or - few degrees. If it's running continually, it could aid in running cold all the time, but make sure you double check that you have proper thermostat as stated, and it is in properly.
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Probably a silly question, but you're sure it's not an indication problem?
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drive it for a while and feel the upper and lower radiator hoses. I doubt they will both be cold instead of hot.
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Thanks to all for your suggestions. I have checked trhe thermostat and it is in the right way. I have not yet checked the fan operation or felt the hoses but I will do so. Don't beleive it's an idication problem because the air blowing out stays quite cool.
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Hasn't been mentioned yet...air bubble in the system somewhere? Even at -20 it should warm up. Have you felt the hoses?
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try puttin in a hotter thermostat it will make your motor warm up at a hotter temp before releasing water into the radiator to cool it down

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