Ford Focus 2001 ZX3 Strange electrical problem


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Question Ford Focus 2001 ZX3 Strange electrical problem

Let's see if I can explain this well enough to give you a good idea of what is happening.

Daughter bought the car about three months ago. It really is a good running little car and I am very pleased with all but this one thing, which I can't explain why it happens. Here is the history:

Two days after having the car noticed the ALT light was on and things weren't looking good for the alternator, so I replaced the alternator. All was good. Telling you this cause it may or may not have something to do with the problem.

Here is the problem: About a month later she started the car and than turned on the lights. When she turned the lights on she says her gauges went spastic and than the headlights went out. When I checked it out I found that her high beam side of the bulbs had burnt out, low beam worked okay. So off to the store and bought the Sylvania 9003 fifty percent brighter bulbs. Installed them and all was good again.

Then it all happened again about a month later. This time she started the car, turned on the headlights, gauges went spastic and the high beams went out. I took the bulbs back and Autozone replaced them (thank you Autozone, saved me fifty bucks). Installed the new bulbs and once again, life is good.

I have checked the wiring, fuses, relays and all that, it all looks good. I just can not logically come up with anything that would cause both bulbs to blow out, at the same time.

Any thoughts????? I did check the output of the alternator when I installed it and it was good. I wouldn't think the alternator would put out a surge of power when the car is first fired up, but it could be a possibility. Will have to look into that.

Well, I will give you all a chance to answer before I start to ramble on to much.

Thanks in advance.
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I would take a close look at all your battery cables for corrosion and tightness. I remember them having problems with the battery cables.
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Thanks, I will check those out today. Or guess I should say, I will take a closer look at them, looked okay when I first gave the car the once over but may have missed something back than.

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