96 Voyager drum brakes

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96 Voyager drum brakes

Have a 96 Voyager 3.0 2wd in need of rear brake job. Will need at least drums and shoes - brake lines and cylinders look ok.

Did a brake job on my 71 mustang by myself back in the day, so I have a 'little' experience. I looked at the autozone manual for the Voyager and while it entails way more steps than I remember doing on the Mustang - it seems straightforward enough. Then when I priced the parts the young man at autozone said 'drum brakes are a pain'.

I'm interested in diy on this as something my teenager and I can do together - and I figure I'll save $100 or so also.

Any obvious pitfalls?

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Pretty standard procedure, but if you have a digital camera, clean shoes all of before dis-assembly and take a good clear picture of it before you start pulling parts off, just for reference in case you forget exactly how that part went back on. Take drums off both sides, and get picture of each. Mainly because some of the things they design, and how they work, may make you think, "why didn't they just do it the way it always was, it worked fine that way"? Zero in on adjusters etc, to make sure they're in behind or in front of something when re-assembled. You probably won't need to adjust cables, just adjusters, but make sure you lube where necessary, including cables while your there, and be sure they're freed up as necessary. As far as "they are a pain", it's just that there's a few more parts to keep track of to get back in proper place & working they way they should, VS disc brakes. Good Luck, enjoy your bonding!
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Block both front wheels, jack the van up, put it on jackstands, remove the wheels and drums. May need to back off the adjusters if the drums are really worn. Couple of raps with a hammer should break loose any rust. Take digital pics of the brakes before you start. Do one side at a time, use the other as a reference.

Sometimes getting the springs back on can be a pain. The correct tools (spring remover/installer) makes it much easier. It can be done with normal hand tools though, just easier with the right ones.

Oh, and wear EYE Protection. May as well teach him right, right?

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