Tire size


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Tire size

I need to know if tire size will effect fuel mileage.
I purchased a dodge ram 1500 2003 model & only get 15 miles to the gallon.I looked at tire size on door & it is P2457017 & tires on truck are P2657017 will i get better gas mileage if i go back to the P2457017 Thanks for your help
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the only time that the tire size will effect your milage is if you go way over or way under the original size youll see a difference on your odometer but its only cuase the tire size is makin the difference youll actually be getting the same might do a little better on the highway with bigger tires long as it aint enough to power you out
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NO noticeable Difference...

You won't be able to see a difference as Sanman has already suggested.

Based on what you submitted, you currently have:

And the door sticker suggests:

I'm going to presume it is really somehting like:

The "P265" indicates it's a passenger vehicle tire ("P")
with a 265 "Millimeter" width. meaning as you look at the tire the tread (including sidewalls) is 265mm wide.

The "/70" means that the sidewall from tread to rim is 70% of the tread width (or 70% of 265mm in this case)

Now for the "R17"
That is the indication that the tire will fit on a 17" rim.
ALL tires you put on the vehicle will be an "R17" unless you change rims.

I'm not going to crunch the numbers precisely, but I think you can see that the sidewall % "/70" in your case will be negligable since the "P/(Width)" number only has a 20mm differential.

Again, Sanman has it right, I'm just trying to help you understand why. I hope I didn't confuse you.

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By the way

Improper Tire Pressure will affect your mileage MORE then the "mm" sizes we're talking about.

Keep the tires properly inflated for best mileage.

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Also remember, you are driving a pickup truck, not a Camry. There are alot of variables for getting back mileage, from driving habits, gasoline quality, and the mechanics of the truck. Following your maintenance schedule that is depicted in the manual will help you out some, i.e. spark plugs, filters, etc.

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