1999 cougar v6 2.5 liter


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1999 cougar v6 2.5 liter

I am having a problem & so far no one has figured out what it is.I have replaced fuel pump,fuel rail sensor, injectors,fuel filter & have not solved the problem.had the diagnostic test done & doesn't show up any thing.this may happen from 1 to 3 times a week.
I have noticed it only happens after driving about 50 miles.
I will be driving down road & all of a sudden it will seem like it is running out of gas & will eventually shut off. will crank back up but after a few miles will do same thing again.I drive 36 miles round trip to work & it doesn't happen just when i drive 45 to 50 miles the above will happen.Any help would be appreciated.
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What happens if you let it sit & idle for 10-15 minutes, then drive, does it shorten up the distance you normally get?
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I notice that all of the parts you've replaced were fuel-related; might want to think of other things that could be doing it. One of the electronic components might be a little quirky when it gets too hot. That may explain why it only occurs after extended driving. Ignition modules, for one, have been known to act like that prior to completely failing.

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