Fairwell '98 Windstar......:(


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Fairwell '98 Windstar......:(

Ok.....so the wife takes kids on a 265 mile trip to see the outlaws the other day and while driving through the mountains of Western Pennsylvania the tranny blows some kind of gasket and begins leak the rest of the way after a short shop at MickeyD's.
My wife said it was fine before the stop but after in began to buck and surge and the tach going erraticaly going up and down.
She nursed it to Cumberland County and dropped it off at the town transmission shop.
The van will be down for 3 weeks waiting for parts and will cost a couple $$$grand to fix..
What kind of gasket failure would cause this to happen?
The tranny shop said we can nurse it around but will still leak and he has to make a blend for the fluid..........huh?
Is this true?
The van has 170,000 miles and I'm afraid we need to put it to sleep forever.
It has been well maintained and still ran good.
What can I expect to get for it as a trade-in for a new car at a dealer or just take it to a salvage yard and get $100 bucks for it.
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Before you do anything, GET A SECOND OPINION from another transmission shop, especially if the van still drives! If it is simply a gasket or seal blown, replacing that should be a whole lot less than two grand. And I definitely don't understand the mechanic telling you he has to "make a blend". That alone makes me suspicious.

He MAY be correct, but it seems like there are still too many shops out there waiting for a woman coming in with a broken vehicle, especially from out of town, and selling her on a huge repair, assuming she won't know any better.
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I would vote for a second opinion, too, but if it is confirmed no way would I sink a couple of kilobucks in a 10 year old van with 170k miles on it.
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Apparently it wasn't a gasket.....some kind of valve in the front of the trans failed.
The guy had to put in 6 qts of fluid and is holding for around-town driving.......but said going back through the mountains it will start to dump fluid when it gets hot.

I just arrived out here today and we're going NEW car shopping tomorrow. Yippee!

My outlaws live in an area called the Pennsylvania Alps.....the highest point in PA (Mt Davis).

The drive out here was just too much for the ol'e girl
(the van, that is).

The fluid is Mercron, the guy said he would make it up for her so she wouldn't have to buy it at store and gave us two extra quarts for later.
The guy has a good reputation in this town for transmissions so I'm told. (this is a small town.....1 traffic light)

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Unhappy 95 windstar 3.8 P1405

My newly acquired 95 Windstar was running ok, just a cel, until I took it on a 200 mile trip with 6 adult in it.
It started somewhat stalling and then died, a day after we arrived. I found no fuel pressure under the hood, and voltage at the pump connector, and spark so I replaced the fuel pump. It started and drove 16 miles to the store and when I came out I had the exact symptoms as before ie it would turn over, had spark, injectors firing, but wouldn't start. Again no pressure under hood however this time when I pulled of the line at the filter & turned it over I had gas flow just not high pressure. I changed the fuel relay module, with one from the scrap yard and now the cooling fans come one by themselves full power and the car still doesn't start. I had it towed to a garage they put in on a code reader but had to leave on a family emergency he only left me with one code, P1405. (Differential Pressure Feedback Electronic (DPFE) sensor upstream hose off or plugged)
Can anyone help me get back on the road

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