1983 toyota corrolla 4 cyl with carburater


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1983 toyota corrolla 4 cyl with carburater

car will turn over wont start it is friends car I checked to see if it was getting gas and spark and it was getting both he recently replaced ignition switch and he said after that the car would not idle unless he kept foot on gas he also said engine would rattle and thud when he turned it off ......today he went shopping and when he came back to car it wouldnt start it will turn over sounds like it will almost start then die.......im thinking problem with switch or distributer problem am I on right track or way off, any help would be very welcomed.


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ing switch probably is not part of the problem unless he also messed with timing at that time. sounds like a carboration problem or a timing problem. first run compression check and timing check to have a baseline to go from.

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