Thermostat housing

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Thermostat housing


I have a 97 Honda Accord SE 2.2 L 4 cylinder engine. A few weeks ago I had to replace the radiator because it was cracked. I did this and everything seemed fine until yesterday when I noticed that my temperature guage was higher than usual. I noticed that the radiator fan was not turning on except after I stopped the car. It will also turn on if I use the A/C. This leads me to believe that the problem is either the thermostat or the coolant sensor. In order to get to the thermostat housing I had to remove the air cleaner hose and lower radiator hose. I then removed 2 bolts but the cover will not budge. I really can't see below the housing and was wondering if anyone knows if there might be a 3rd bolt on the housing. Also the bolt that came out of the bottom hole was shorter then the top and I am concerned that the bolt snapped.

Any help would be appreciated.
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If I was at work I could be more specific with an answer to you, but I did a little online research and found the following answer regarding therm replacement on a 97 Accord:

The car in this answer is a 97 Accord, four door, four cylinder. Locate the thermostat by following the bottom hose of the radiator (the standard is to follow the top, however it is not there) it should lead toward the back of the engine compartment. The hose will connect to a joint connected to the block, this where you will remove the hose (catch the fluid in something a pan on the ground is easiest) feeling inside the port of the block you should find the thermostat. Remove the two bolts holding the joint to the block, the bottom of the two is the most difficult, I move a few things out of the way, pull out the old stat, line up the new one (it's an off-center type) put it in don't forget the new gasket, refill the system with fluid and check and test.

Sounds like there are only 2 bolts. Compare the ends of the bolts and they should be similar. A broken bolt should be obvious and chances are it would break off leaving the threads in the block.

The housing can be pretty stubborn to get off. A putty knife or something similar might help getting between the housing and the block to get it to separate (although it's not always this simple!).

I hope this helps.


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