Coolant Leak, Montana/Venture 3.4L


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Coolant Leak, Montana/Venture 3.4L

Good Day.

I've been trying to troubleshoot a coolant leak on my 2001 Montana. Over the past few months I've been getting a small wiff of evaporating coolant. Just before Christmas my wife found a very small pool of coolant on the garage floor after moving the vehilce.

I have had the head gasket replaced 3 years ago. I had the shop pressure test the system on Tuesday but no leaks were found. I would like to fix this right the first time as this is our primary transport.

Any suggestions are very welcome.


Rob in Alberta

(where it is -37C this am....brr)
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Could be the water pump. Most of the time they will not leak when pressure tested. Let it run for a while and check under the passenger side of the engine for a leak on the ground.
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If you have the 3.4L engine, check the front corner of the intake manifold. This is a known problem with GM cars. With the hood open, look down the open area behind the power steering pump at where the intake manifold bolts to the head. When the intake gasket fails, coolant can leak externally, internally or both. If the manifold is the culprit, get it repaired quickly - coolant and bearings do not play nicely together.
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Coolant Leak

I have been monitoring the vehicle for the past 10 days. The leak has NOT repeated itself. Our tempuratures have risen steadily over the past week also.

I am thinking that this may be OAT related. When we got down to -30 the weaknesses began to show.

I will continue to monitor the situation and I will look into the manifold gasket and the water pump locations.

Thank you both for your insight.


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