Daughter's instrument lights on and off-98 Explorer


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Daughter's instrument lights on and off-98 Explorer

98 Explorer's instrument lights go on and off intermittently. Panel goes completely out for a few hours, then on for a few days. I've pulled and checked all fuses twice. Any particular places on this model to check for a loose connection? I'm not enthused about pulling the panel to look for a bulb, but what the heck, if I have to I have to before she goes back to school. Thanks.
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it might be the actual sockets for the bulbs that are bad.
when the gauges go off does she still get head lights. if she does then the MFS is not the problem.
could be the actual circuit board?

i would try a junkyard to swap out the entire board or the entire cluster just look out for mileage you could turn forward if your worried about that.
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i agree most likely the instument cluster has a poor connection, you will need to pull the cluster and check the wire connection, if it is good and tight check the ground to the dash. check autozone.com or your local library for wiring diagrams.

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pulled the cluster, checked connections, all looked tight. dimmer switch has a hand painted "AE" in what looks like junk yard yellow paint on it, thinking maybe the previous owner (my brother-in-law) had problem and the garage got a used part. checked bulbs on cluster (5), they're good. After I put it together it worked, but may look at a replacement dimmer switch since the whole panel goes out, not just one bulb.

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