squeaking noise and burnt rubber smell


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squeaking noise and burnt rubber smell

I was in the McDonalds drivethru today and my truck stalled in neutral (its a 5 speed). I started back up and i hear this constant squeaking noise from under the hood. After I pull out of the McDonalds I smell a burnt rubber smell. Immediately after leaving McDonalds the noise and smell goes away and my truck sounds like its running like new. Its a '92 toyota pickup. I'm thinking serpentine belt? Any ideas? Thanks.

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Usually that points to the AC compressor freezing up and the belt burns off. If you don't have AC it could be one of the other accessories. However, when its one of the others you often have a loss in power steering or the alternator has gone out = no charge and dead battery.

Sometimes, when you're lucky it's just an idler.

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