95 Sentra won't turn over


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95 Sentra won't turn over

Car was running fine.

Drove to shopping center, then, when trying to leave, car simply wouldn't turn over. Dash warning lights light normally when key is turned but not even a solenoid click is heard.

Car couldn't be jump started.

Battery & fuses check out okay.

Any ideas?

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I had a nissan in the eightys and there was a fuse link "a wire that is a fuse" down by the starter.Did the same thing might be that or maybe your starter relay.
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If it doesn't turn;

check voltage at large cable connected to starter. one probe to the metal cable connection @ starter and the ground probe to the starter body will be fine. Should have full battery voltage (12.50 volts or so--same as the battery)

check voltage at small 'S" snap connector. the thin wire that connects to the starter. I connected the ground to the starter body and slide the positive probe into the wire coming from the car to the starter. lay the so you can see it as you turn the key. Should get a small voltage reading when key is turned. .25 to .50 volts or so. This tells you that your switches and 'stuff' along the line are ok and it's mostlikely the solenoid/starter going bad.

if voltages good and still won't start--bang starter and solenoid and try again.

Easier to test the starter in the car before taking it out and going to the parts store to test it. I tested mine 20-30 times on a macine and it worked. Two days in the car and it wasn't starting again.

I have a '95 altima and the starter worked on and off--very frustrating! So I had to wait until it wouldn't start before I could test the voltages and rule out relay/switch issues.

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