Antifreeze in the power steering resevoir


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Antifreeze in the power steering resevoir

My dad, okay it was me, topped up the power steering fluid with some antifreeze (about a tablespoon). I don't have enough power steering fluid to drain the resevoir and replace. Will I be able to make it to the nearest parts house to buy new fluid and will the antifreeze damage the pump.
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It will be fine. Go to the autostore, get a turkey bastar suction thingy and clean it out when you get home.
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but drive a different car.

if you have not run the car since adding the antifreeze, simply suck all the fluid you can as hotinokc suggested and refill.

If you have already driven it, I would get several quarts of fluid. It is a PITA to actually drain such a system so what I would do it

1. drain all you can with the turkey baster

2. refill with fresh fluid

3. repeat steps one and two until you run out of fluid.

I do not know that the antifreeze will damage anything but I used to work at a garage and replacing things like the rack unit (as in rack and pinion steerin) is quite costly so I would take all efforts to remove or at least dilute the antifreeze as much as possible.
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Steering fluid

If it were mine I would disconnect the pressure hose from the rack/steering gear and run the fluid out then refill and bleed. RW

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