1997 F150 misfire


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1997 F150 misfire

1997 F150 5.4L Triton V8 automatic.When driving with the rpm's between 2000-3000 engine seems to misfire.If I step on gas or let off it goes away.Can any one help? Thankyou.
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Check your spark plugs and wires, that kind of miss can be a bear to run down.
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if i remember correctly that engine has the coils mounted directly over the plugs, you very likely have a plug going bad or a coil starting to go out. according to some of the mech's i have talked to because it is such a bear to change plugs most people don't and when the plugs start to break down it causes the coils to go out.

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I have heard of this problem with other Ford triton engines. I knew someone who had a similar problem only to find out that he had a plug blow out of the head going down the road. His problem started out as a miss. Ford does not acknowledge this problem and will not stand behind it. Be careful if you change the plugs they can snap off in the head. The only fix is to helicoil the head or replace it.
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A good scan tool capable of accessing misfire data can pinpoint which cyl is at fault. I'd want to change the plugs and probably the coil on the misfiring cyl.
Never had a problem with removing plugs on this year......but wait till you get to the later model 5.4's with the redesigned plug/cly head........removing plugs there is a brutal nightmare

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