1993 Grand Prix Heater Blower


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1993 Grand Prix Heater Blower

The blower has just started intermittently not working. It will work at all speeds for day(s), then I'll stop and go in to a coffee shop, come out and the fan does not work. It does eventually start working sometimes after about half an hour or 45 minutes. Or, it will be the opposite, it will not work as I shut the car off/on going into the corner store, then it will work fine. I will play with all of the speeds, switching it on/off. It just started doing this and it is not fun being in Toronto in January. One other possible factor is I am losing some antifreeze (not sure how) and the 'LOW COOLANT' light comes on. I do not see any clues so far as to how.

Any suggestions?
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sounds like the blower motor may be going bad, might be time to replace it. As far as the coolant leak, have it pressure tested maybe you will bbe able to see it with pressure on it.
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Is the passanger floor wet?
You might have a bad heater core.
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a lot of gm's are having this problem with the fan blower itermittant. so far on my vehicles it has been the blower switch.

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