white smoke out of exhaust!


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white smoke out of exhaust!

Hello guys Happy New Year!! Need any and all help!
I have a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus lxi 6cyl 2.5 with 195.000 miles.
It tends to let out some smoke, out the eahaust pipe when I'm sitting in park and I accelerate it, or when your at a stop(stop sign or light) and then you go it will let out some smoke but any other time it doesn't whether driving on street or the hwy. I just recently(1-10-2009) changed out the o2 sensor thats by the oil filter. Can someone tell me what could possibly be the cause of this smoke n a solution?

Another question reverse lights arent coming on I replaced the bulbs and the fuse. What else should I check?

any and all advice would be appreciated.

thank you in advance

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What you described is typical for an engine with worn valve stem seals. Chances are that the valve guides are worn also. With the mileage on the engine, this merits head reconditioning to solve the problem.

For your reverse lights, I believe there's a switch in the transmission that could be your problem.
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With 195,000 miles if you recondition the top end the bottom end will likely give you some trouble in short order. I would be looking into a used or reconditioned engine, be a shame to pay for a valve job/head replacement, and have the rod/main bearings start making noise shortly after completion.
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not so fast

First off before you tear into anything what are the outside temps? It is normal for a car to smoke white steam for a few miles as the inside of the exaust heats up on a cold day.
Next how is the coolant level? Also white smoke is water blue smoke is oil and black smoke is fuel so valve guides would be blue smoke.
You can get a coolant pressure test done to see if you might have a head gasket problem.
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As to the back up light question, you really need a test light or volt meter. First check the light sockets, then the connector in the trunk for voltage when the ignition is on and the shifter is in reverse. Next check the fuse block to be certain there is power at that point. Now comes the hard part. You will need to locate the back up light switch. It could be somewhere on the shift mechanism - either in the car or the engine compartment, or even on the transmission itself. Test for voltage in and out. I would suspect the switch. It may be adjustable and just needs to be repositioned or it could need replacement.

Edit: I found this info on the AutoZone site:
On these vehicles, the back-up light switch is referred to as the transmission range switch, and is located on the front of the transaxle, just above the fluid pan.

Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Place a suitable drain pan under the transaxle.
Disengage the electrical connector from the switch.
Unscrew the switch from the transaxle case, letting the fluid drain into the pan.

Fig. 1: Transmission range switch location
To install:

Position a new seal washer, then screw the switch into the transaxle case.
Attach the electrical connector to the switch.
Add fluid to the transaxle to bring it up to the proper level.
Connect the negative battery cable

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