Fans, that blow out heating/airconditioning no longer work


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Fans, that blow out heating/airconditioning no longer work

They haven't been working for roughly 6 months now, but I finally decided to do something about it.

They would eventually stop blowing at all, When I drive at faster speeds on the freeway, i can feel warm air coming out, or cool air coming in if I change the temperature. It's simply the fans that died out. I'd like to know what's wrong and if it's something basic I could fix. I'm gonna guess it's the motor for the fans, but I don't know where it's located. I have an adequate amount of experience fixing small things with cars, such as the alternator, oil change etc. I just need some direction on where to start, any help would be appreciated.
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It would help if you posted something about the year, brand, model?

Have you checked all the fuses yet? Don't go just by sight, depending on type you may need to pull them and test them with a meter.
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Ford Escort wagon, I believe it's '96.
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Check all fuses like gunguy said. This happened to me on my Monte carlo found a blown fuse in a different panel(stopped the motor completely) replaced the fuse and the motor was fine but the resistor was the problem as the motor now only worked on high.Replaced the resistor.
My resistor & motor was under the passenger side compartment filter on the firewall. Your is probably under the compartment filter wherever it may be.

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