anyone expertise?


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anyone expertise?

i've got a wrecked '96 honda accord/standard transmission that runs perfectly and the tranny works fine too.

i found a '97 with a good body, but auto tansmission. how hard wud it be to take my standard tranny out of the '96 and put it into the '97?

has anyone done this....pedals, console, electronics are my major concerns.
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To me, a diyer that would be a very big challenge if at all possible for a pro. To me you would have more money into it that what it is worth!! Don't forget you would have extra tranny sensors, and what about your cars ECM? Would you have to change that.

I have done a lot of performance upgrades on engines, never did I touch a tranny. I left the upgraded clutches for a pro.

Well if you do do this, I would love to see pics!!!!!
Good Luck

P.s. This would be like changing the standard left side driver's side and putting everything on the right!! That is possible though!!
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not sure how much these types of swaps cost in your area, but in the tri-state area, you can expect to pay up to a grand for a direct engine and tranny swap... since you are looking to do a AT to MT conversion, you will have to mount the pedal, slave cylinder, wire harness, ECU, and any necessary interior cosmetics (swap the gauge cluster, shifter and boot (center console if necesary)... i would probably estimate that it can cost up to $2k for a job like this...

how much will the 97 cost you to buy??? does the engine run good??? is the only thing you are looking to do is swap the tranny??? if you are looking for a MT, why not just wait and find the car you are looking for.. you will prob save more money than spending it to do this swap...
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did it once on a 65 barracuda, it was a lot of trouble on that old of a vehicle, on something with electronics and front wheel drive I am sure would be a lot of work and not really worth the cost.

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honda mods

thanks for the replies....u've all reinforced the thoughts i was having, and talked me out of a very complicated task.

thanks again
regards, gerry

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