1992 Chevy Suburban oil gauge problem

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1992 Chevy Suburban oil gauge problem

Runs great, no problems starting at all. When first start it up the oil gauge is at 40-45, which is what is has always been. As the vehicle is driven and warms up, the oil pressure drops gradually down to 30. When stopped at a light, vehicle has a small noticeable shake once in awhile. I've been putting 10w40 oil in the engine for a little over a year now. Also, if the vehicle is shut off and then restarted while it is still warm, the oil gauge bounces around from 35 to 50 a few times before settling in at about 40-45. Once again it starts to gradually drop to 30. Was told this could be the bearing going bad (which I don't have the money to rebuild or replace the engine). Also was told it could be the oil pump going out (which i can do myself).
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slight shudder is probably the start of plugs or plugwires starting to break down, oil pressure is usually caused by the expansion of the internals causing greater clearance on the internals. things like cam bearings, main bearings, rod bearings, lifters, all add up to oil leaks and all wear some to increase the amount of oil that leaks past them, unfortunately finding the exact cause of a oil pressure drop can be problematic unless something catastrophic occurs.

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30 psi oil pressure is a gracious plenty. I have seen engines run for years with 12 to 15 psi going down the road and 1to2 psi at idle. I used to run my old dirt track car 8500rpms for a 30 lap race with the oil pressure relief valve set at 15 psi. Putting oil under a high pressure only induces more heat into it. Long and short, if it runs good and is not making any strange noises leave it alone.

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