1997 Jeep Wrangler Smoke from A/C Vents


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1997 Jeep Wrangler Smoke from A/C Vents

During a recent drive, a lot of smoke began to come out of the dashboard air conditioner vents. A LOT of smoke. Kind of brownish gray smoke which smelled but not necessarily like wiring burning. Turned off the heater switch and pulled over. The smoke stopped and I was able to drive home. Smoke not coming from under the hood and the car seems to run fine. Also, the heater fan seems to run when I turn it on but I haven't left it on for an extended period of time. Is the fan motor going bad?

Any help appreciated.
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It's possible, but generally you would get a pretty distinctive odor. Have you tried running it for another extended period to see if you can duplicate it? Also does the blower motor seem to be running as quietly as you would expect?
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Did it smell sweet at all? If so it could be the heater core which would cause smoke usually white to come out the vents.Sometime when they go bad they dont leak antifreeze into the floorboard at least not at first.
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If the heater fan is going, It would produce a major electrical burning smell and you would probably would hear it seize up provided the vehicle doesn't have an 8000 watt stereo system and it was operating full blast.
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Thanks to all. I have run the car and the heater fan but only for a short period of time. I will try again only for longer and see what happens. There was a smell with the smoke. Not sweet like if there was an antifreeze leak. But not really a "hot, electrical" smell. But. . . . We will try it again.

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