Ford Focus is noisy in reverse


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Ford Focus is noisy in reverse

My 2003 Focus is rumbling in reverse when I first use the car for the day. There isn't a problem when it's driven for a bit and no problem in the forward gears.
The best answer I can find so far is that there may be rocks in the engine roll preventer. Hmm?
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manual transmission? things to check when this happens are the wheels cocked right, left or pointed straight, if turned the upper bearings on the struts might be starting to go out. or the cv joints could be starting to go out. try turning all the way against the stop in either direction then drive in a circle then switch directions and do it again. see if the joints start clicking when doing that. if so it is about to fail.

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No clue where you live..but here is few things to think about.

Reverse is a rough gear on all cars.

Cold weather and transmissions don't get this might be a reason it is not bothersome once warmed up.

Could be some of the metal gear teeth have ground down or there could be slight metal fragments from other gears in the transmission. Change of tranny fluid might help.

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