Pioneer Car CD Changer


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Pioneer Car CD Changer

I think this the correct area to post this question, if not could the moderator please move it.

I have a Pioneer DEH-M980 that I have had since I was a teenager. The manufacture date is 1992. As far as I know, it still works. At least as of 4 years ago. I am trying to sell it on Craigslist. I have a potential buyer but he is asking if I have the code for installing this. I don't think it ever came with one. It came out of a junk car and went into at least 2 others. (mine and my brother's). But I can't remember if we needed a code or not. I tried to find some information on Pioneer's website, but I think it is too old. Is there anyone out there who can tell me if it needs a code? Thanks.
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code would be a antitheft code i believe. i doubt this one came with one at that age. if you have moved it from vehicle to vehicle it probably doesn't need one.

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Was it a cd changer you bought as an aftermarket add on or was it taken from a car that came with it stock?? If it is aftermarket there is no code or anything. You just need a cable to run from the changer to the stereo in the car. Even if it is a stock changer it wouldn't have a code.

I have lots of experience w/ audio stuff for cars. That person that wants it on craigslist is probably thinking its an indash stereo and cd changer together. SO make sure you clarify that!!!

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