Car has not been used for 18 months


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Car has not been used for 18 months

My old Mistubishi Diamante has been sitting in the garage for the last 18 months. My lovely daughter will be 16 next month and getting her drivers license (unless I can come up with a way to prevent it). I'm wondering about what I need to do to get the car ready to drive. I'm assuming the battery needs to be replaced. What else should I be doing? Thanks in advance for your help.
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Check belts and hoses. Hopefully the gas tank had a fuel stabilizer in it? If not, draining the tank would be a good idea.
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I would also change the oil. Check it first, if it don't look to thick/black, then start it up let it run a couple minutes then drain the oil. That way it will be a little warm and thinner. Also check tranny fluid and also your tires. Inspect them for flat spots since its been setting so long. Make sure they don't have cracks and what not all over them.

Just remember its your daughter driving the car after its been setting for 1.5 yrs. So check everything!! Good Luck
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i would also be thinking about running a can of BG44K through the fuel system, then check all the vac hoses as well. good luck

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Sorry, I had to run off so diy & speed took over. I think I would add flushing the brake fluid. You can do this by repeatedly bleeding all four wheels until you get nice clean clear fluid coming out. Add to that and the other suggested items all safety-related systems - brakes, lights, steering & suspension.

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