air filter


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air filter

I have a 2003 dodge ram 1500 4.7 liter with 66000 miles.
I have cleaned air filter by blowing out with air hose.Is this good enough or do i need to replace filter with what i have read is a cold filter which is supposed to make motor run cooler & increase horse power & increase gas mileage.
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I would go to your local auto parts store and replace it. I replace mine every 6 months even if it don't look dirty.

When you said about a cold filter. Are you talking about a cold air intake? If so yes they will increase your horespower/torque and it depends on how you drive it, may give you better or worse gas mileage. If you want just buy a K&N filter for your truck. You can clean them and spray a chemical on them every 6 months and they will increase your HP and torque also. They run about 40-60 bucks.
Good Luck
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the best way to tell if the filter needs replaced is to use a inches of water vac guage to test the restriction. if it pulls 5-10 inches of water at full throttle it is time to replace, the old time way to check is to use a 100 watt drop light and hold up to the filter and see if the light shines through the folds if you can see it thru a bend you are good if not replace.

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