Attaching a front license plate to meet State requirements.


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Attaching a front license plate to meet State requirements.

Just found out that I need to attach a license plate to the front of my car. Only the problem is my car doesn't have a plate holder or anything on the front. I've been looking online and all I seem to be able to find are license plate frames and I don't think that will help me much. I need something that goes between the tag and the car (and someway to attach it). Or am I wrong? Texas also requires it to be visible at night so it needs to be lit. How am I suppose to install a light on the front of my car when I can't seem to figure out how to get the tag on there? Thank you for your help.
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Never seen a lighted FRONT plate, except from the headlights. Might help if you post the type of car. The dealer probably has a bracket that allows mounting a plate, or find one at a salvage location....
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Thanks, it's a 98 Ford Contour SVT.
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Yep, just looked at this....File:Ford-SVT-Contour.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Looks like theres a plastic frame that is prob screwed to to hidden holes under the bumper cover. Might just be some cutouts in the metal part of the bumper and it uses plastic snap in nuts or similar. You need to get under it and look for some holes behind the rubber bumper cover. Might even be able to find it by pushing hard on the cover where the holes may be.

This is pretty common for cars sold in states that only have one plate, the dealer will install the holder if required.
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from what I see, there is a piece attached to the front of the bumper cover. In many states, a front plate is not needed and it looks nicer to not have that thing up front. In states such as Texas and Calif, a front plate is required. I know in California, the manuf has to supply a front plate holder if not OE with one. I would think your local Ford dealer would be able to hook you up.

as to it being lighted; never ever heard of a front plate being lighted. If it is required, I would think the manuf has to provide for this for cars sold in Texas so there should be something available from Mr. Ford. I do not think they need to be lighted though. Call you department of motor vehicles. They will know.
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The idiotic front plate is also required in CT. Several people here just leave their front plate on the dashboard if they do not have the mounting holes.
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Just for the record. In Texas only the rear plate needs to be lit up, not the front one.
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my 2 cents

Look at your front bumper if it is a plastic one you will see two dimpels these are your hole locatiions you will need to drill them out with a small drill. Dont go deep because there are threads back there.
Texas only requires a rear liceance plate to be lit up. However both are required probbably so they can take your picture as you cross the toll roads and send you a bill.
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There is also what are called "screwless" license plates holders. They are big with sports cars and luxury cars.

Basically they are a license plate holder with long screws that go through the grille in your car and connects to another plastic piece behind the grille.

Search ebay for "screwless license plate holder"

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