'01 4Runner e-brake frozen


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'01 4Runner e-brake frozen

I had the front brakes replaced on my 4Runner about 3 months ago. I also had the e-brake adjusted. Yesterday I had the timing belt replaced at the same repair shop and they said the left e-brake line was frozen. So this must have happened within the past few months.

I have never had this problem before - think it is just a coincidence or could it be related to the adjustment 3 months ago? Thanks.
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Is it an automatic or stick shift? I never could figure out the purpose of an E-brake for a vehicle with an automatic transmission. By the way I am not a spammer so why 180 seconds?
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It is an automatic but my wife primarily drives it and ALWAYS uses the e-brake, even though I told her it is no necesary.
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I had the same problem with my 01 Montana. I took off the rear hub and cleaned it up(sanded the inside of the hub and pad)spray with brake cleaner, lubed the springs and lubed the line to it and it works just fine. I originally thought it was my tranny till the brake started seizing as my wife and son also use the e brake. I never taught them that, must have been (Drivers Education guy).
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it could be just a coincidence or since it has been very cold in CT this year it it may just be frozen and not siezed, on the other hand the adjustment may have caused the cable not to move as much so there is not much spring tension on it to pull it back enough.On most foreign cars and trucks and fwd cars the rear brakes are kept in adjustment with use of the parking/emergency brake.
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all drum brakes are kept in adjustment by using the parking brake regulary, NOP if you park on a incline and use the parking brake it makes it much easier to place the vehicle into drive from park. the park pawl can bind and make it very hard to go from park to drive or reverse. also if you remember back in the 80's ford had a real problem with vehicles jumping out of park into drive and quite a few people were injured from that. unfortunatly I as well as most people don't use the parking brake regularly on auto equiped vehicles.

brake adjustment will not cause the cable to freeze up, to much dirt or rust in the cable housing can cause the cable to freeze up though. usually the only cure is replacement of the offending cable.

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