no filter?


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no filter?

i just noticed that my 1996 vw jetta didnt have an air filter, i have been driving it like tis for some months now, besides putting in a new air filter what should i do to clean it out?
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Not alot you can do, other than cleaning out the intake tube, and air filter box.
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Change the oil too. It picks up a lot of contaminants.
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Think about where air goes in the engine. Filter, air intake, throttle body, pintle valve, intake manifold, valves, combustion chamber.
Basically, "stuff" just followed the air flow.
So, now you need to clean sensors that are in the air intake - MAF or MAP, or both, as some do have both. Spray cleaner.
Throttle body and pintle valve - remove air intake and clean it with spray cleaner and tooth brush.
I'd get buddy behind the wheel to hold gas pedal steady, and spray injector cleaner into intake.
Now, if you are handy enough, you can get a small funnel, disconnect booster air hose, and pour some Seafoam into the hose, in small portions, letting it do its job between shots. If you have any additional(vacuum) lines that go into intake manifold, you can do same there.
Now, all you can do else, is to pour a bottle of Seafoam into the crankcase, and drive on it for some 500 miles, then change oil. It'll remove junk from anywhere oil goes. Beer 4U2
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IMO, unless you live in a dust bowl or a desert I wouldn't do more than clean up filter box and change the oil. If it is running fine otherwise, why mess with success?

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