Chevy APV '94 temp gauge stays low


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Chevy APV '94 temp gauge stays low

Chevy Lumina Van 94 3.1L A/C not working.
The temp gauge stays on the very low end even after hours of driving in city.
The produces warm air, not the "hot air" you expect.

Couple of weeks ago, the heater would not heat at all. Cold air would pour in.
The gauge would stay on cold then would quickly go up to the max and suddenly fall low again to stay there the rest of the trip. I changed the radiator cap and since this up and down disappeared but as I said the gauge doesn't go over 10% and air is warm to hot.

Anyone any idea?
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Hello, Maybe you just need a new thermostat? Maybe the one you have is malfunctioning. The thermostat is what opens when the coolant gets to a certain degrees and then heats your vehicle. Might be worth a shot as thermostat are easy to change and very cheap. Jack
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Second that. Also, has there been any work done lately, water pump, hoses, anything that might have gotten air in the cooling system.
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Thanks both unclejack and the_tow_guy
Thermostat IS what I was thinking, but I was not that sure.
I would do that as soon as it warms up enough to be able to work outside since I have no heated garage.

Thanks again.

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