beretta tcc


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beretta tcc

i have a 90 beretta 3.1 with the common stuck tcc solenoid. i've had the connector unplugged for about 6 mons. but its hurting the mileage (of course) the car is a $400 work car that i don't want to put $ into. has anyone ever "switched" the tcc sol. wiring? i was thinking it wouldn't be to hard to toggle switch one of the 4 wires, just don't know which one to switch, if it's even possible. not much of a tranny guy, just wondering if it's even possible
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I'm not much of a tranny guy, either, but I don't think you are going to be able to do a work-around. Have to wait and see if anyone chimes in. Next time I'm in my favorite tranny shop I'll pose the question.
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More than likely the TCC solenoid is bad. Why not just change the solenoid? Not a bad job, have to drop the trans pan, loosen 1 bolt that holds the solenoid in place and route wires thru existing wire supports and out side of casing. Worst part of job is dropping the pan - change filter while your at it.
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Your stuck TCC solenoid, is it keeping the TCC stuck on? If so Wiring a by-pass switch won't do any good. A stuck on TCC will cause the vehicle to stall a stops and it's sometimes hard to start. Replacing the TCC solenoid it's too hard, it's under the side cover of your trans.

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