98 Toyota Tacoma door bolt


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98 Toyota Tacoma door bolt

There is a bolt that used to get loose on my driver's door, the one that holds the "hinge" which prevents the door from flinging open (in the center). Well after months of me having to tighten it every few weeks, the bolt finally fell out and is gone. So.....I called Toyota service today to see if they would tell me the size bolt and nobody called me back. And I went to Advance Auto Parts and the guy told me there was no way to get the size in their computer system, and if I wanted he said I could take the one out of the passenger side to find a match and I said I didn't want to do that because I probably would then end up having to keep tightening that one too!!! I was going to just go to the hardware store and get a bolt but I need the size/threading. Is there a way to find this out? It was only about an inch long. And should I use Loc-tite or something to prevent it from getting loose all the time again?
The door is hard to control now, it doesn't stay open while I am getting out of the vehicle, and yesterday when I went to move my truck during the big snow storm we had up here it closed on my leg and my calf is totally bruised now!
Thanks for the help!
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Take the one out of the other side, get the size and thread, put Loc-Tite 242 (blue) threadlocker on both bolts and reinstall. The threadlocker will keep the bolt tight.
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most likely will need to get that at either a salvage yard or the dealer, most of the time bolts in those type of locations are speciality sizes and not a common stock item.

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