Slow crank on 2002 Chevy Tahoe


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Slow crank on 2002 Chevy Tahoe

I drive a 2002 Chevy Tahoe. Today when I went to start it up after work, it did a slow crank, then started up. I drove home, the voltmeter was over 14 so I'm pretty sure it is not the alternator (have had this happen on previous Tahoes). I get home, turn the vehicle off, try to restart immediately, and it does the same thing - one slow "rrrr" crank, then starts up. I tried restarting several times over the last 2-3 hours, and each time the *exact* same thing - one "rrrrr" slow crank, then starts up. At idle, the voltmeter deal on the dashboard is just under/on the halfway mark, so it definitely isn't low

For the most part, I have not had any problems up until this point. However, this past weekend, my husband drove my vehicle on a camping trip and said it slow started Sunday AM. He attributed this to the fact that he was running lights, battery, etc., without the motor on Saturday night (urgh). I drove it Monday and Tuesday AM, worked fine up until Tuesday evening and the slow starts.

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Could be dirty or loose battery terminals, Bad cell in the battery, Corrosion internally in the cables or a starter going bad.
You need to run starting systems tests.

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How old is the battery? Like franksmith said have battery and starting system tested. Most likely the battery.
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Thanks, guys! It seems to be the battery. I put the trickle charger on it last night when I got home, and the lights instantly got brighter. Let it charge for about 4-5 hours, and it started right up. This morning, little slow cranking again.

So, I think my battery is going bad. It is possibly the factory battery, not sure. We've had the vehicle over a year and it is the battery that it came with.

Is there any way to extend battery life or anything? I don't get paid again for over a week and need to make this last until then!

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