Brake issue.


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I have a 99 dodge grand caravan, and I replaced the the calipers, rotors, and pads on the front. I think that the abs system is sticking, because every time i drive it, the brakes are smoking. Help!
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Perhaps something is wrong with the wheel sensors or the rubber brake hose got damaged during the brake job.
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Drive car until the brakes start to stick, Jack up that wheel and try to turn it. If locked up open bleed screw and than try to turn wheel, If wheel turns most likely the brake hose is bad, If still stuck than caliper is sticking.
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well to answer all these questions are that when you went to replace your brakes.. at any time did you let your caliper hang from the brake line and supported but some metal hanger? if so its very likely its that brake line or both.. once they collapse they allow brake fluid to pass through meaning applying the brakes but they wont release the pressure which will keeps yours brakes on all the time.. So just drive for 10 min.. get out of the car and feel the temp of your wheel or lug nuts if they are hot or really hot.. time to replace brake lines...
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It is unlikely your brake lines are crushed and maintaining sufficient pressure to keep your brakes on. A line would have to esentially be a perfect check valve for that to happen. You need to find out why your brakes are smoking. For example: Verfiy what kind of pads you got. Some pads can be highly metallic and get really hot. So maybe the brakes are running really hot, but not actually sticking. Secondly, don't assume your new calipers are good out of the box. You might have got one that sat on a shelf for quite some time and is seized (I've seen that before). The quickest thing is to spin the wheel in the air. It's front wheel drive, so there will be a little resistance felt due to the transmission. But it shouldn't be difficult. If it is, then it's not a pad problem. Take off the wheel, open the bleeder, it it's still bad, it's the caliper. If it goes away, then you have something upstream such as a bad hose or abs valve. It's possible that before removing the old calipers, the mechanic pushed back the pistons. That sends all the old brake fluid and contamination back upstream into the abs valve. That can cause sticking valves after. The proper procedure when pushing back the pistons is to open the bleeder, so the dirty fluid is pushed out, not back into the system. Hope that helps you.
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which side is smoking, does the car pull to one side low speeds, did you make sure the pads are in the caliper slides correctly not cocked?? did you forget to put back any caliper slides, anti-rattle springs, did you bleed your system?
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