Plymouth voyager noise


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Plymouth voyager noise

I have a 97 Plymouth Voyager with a 3.0 ltr. engine. I drove it up until about a year and a half ago and since then it has been in a garage and started up periodically and driven around the block occasionally. I am putting it back on the road in a few days and we'll be taking it to get inspected. I noticed the other day when I start it and put it in reverse ( with foot on brake) there is a high pitched ( not very loud squeal) coming from the front underneath. It goes away as soon as you put it in nuetral or forward. IT definately isn't a belt as it is underneath the vehicle. It could possibly be something with the tranny but not sure what this could be. I am assuming after sitting this long, at the least the tranny fluid shoul be changed and maybe an adjustment is in order. Thanks
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Well i hate to break it to you but the voyager's are known for bad trannies. Well anyways you say it only happens when you put it in gear and is underneath. Well I would have to say its your tranny. Well as a simple DIY'r what you can do to check condition of it is that have the van run until normal temp. Then pull the tranny dip stick.. first check for fluid level. Is it low? then check it for color it should be a bright red not a rusty red color or a brownish red... if so fluid has to be changed... then also smell the fluid does it smell burnt... if so also another bad thing change if nessecary. Burnt smell is generally caused by the trans overheating when driving.. but then engine stays normal. Also can be that the trans is slipping also a bad thing..

So if changing the fluid dont fix the prob. your stuck with trans shop inspecting it.

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