Reinstalling steering column for Pontiac Bonneville


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Reinstalling steering column for Pontiac Bonneville


I'm trying to see if anyone here has ever tried to reinstall a steering column for a 1995 Pontiac Bonneville and what they did the make the job go easier. I expect that other similar GM models would be the same.

I'm in the process of reinstalling the steering column but it has not been going well. The shaft is a really tight fit into the 'collar', which has a slot cut into it to allow it to open up to permit the shaft to be installed. The collar doesn't open up sufficiently to allow the shaft to enter but because of its location and layout, its almost impossible to use a screwdriver or any similar tool to bang on to try opening up the collar any wider. I have it started but trying to pull the collar onto the shaft is going real slowly.

Is there a tool specific to this job?
Is there an easy way to open up the slot in the collar?
Would taking the collar/universal assembly loose from the steering box make it go easier?

I was thinking of using my grinder to machine an angled slice of metal and then using vice grips to try forcing it into the slot to open it up but I'm worried it may get stuck in the slot.

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Are you talking about trying to connect the shaft that goes through the firewall to the bottom of the steering column? If so you need to try and use a chisel or screw driver to open up that lower shaft. Try using blocks of wood behind that shaft to hit against.

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