Jetta Lug Bolt Socket?


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Jetta Lug Bolt Socket?

I've a 2007 Jetta and need to know what type and size lug bolt socket/tool I need. The bolt head looks like it would accept a Torx and the VW place said 17 mm but I can't find anything like it at local stores. Not an emergency yet but someday....My tool kit that came with the car has been lost (a long story).
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Click and Clack suggest a 17 mm impact socket and an 18" breaker bar. Both available at most auto parts stores or Sears.
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it is possible that some one has installed a theft resistant lug nut on your wheel you might need to run it by a vw shop to make sure exactly what is on the wheel or post pics here so we can give you better info

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VW has a Factory installed anti theft lug or they might be after market. Any way I would get the key or have them removed and replaced with one you have a key for before you are stuck someplace.
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Agree. Just had to do a tire change on one last week. The lock adapter was in a little corner pocket of the lug wrench pouch. The others are 17mm as noted. You might try a junk yard, excuse me auto recycler, to see if you can pick one up.
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Unless I'm looking at this bolt wrong, the bolt has a female Torx-type hole that needs a male socket to insert into it to remove the bolt. I'll have to look at them in the light to see if it is a conventional bolt that would accept a 17mm female socket. The antitheft bolt was removed and I've all normal bolts so the little gizmo in the tool bag is of no use (besides, the tool bag was left at the last place that fixed a flat and used the gizmo, forgot to replace the tool bag, and now 2 months later when I went to look for it, the bag was missing. Needless to say, the shop can't find the tool bag now).
Thanks to all. I'll let you know if it is a normal lug nut or if the Torx hole thing is what I need. Something so simple...
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If the ouside of the lug nut is round it's a security lug.

If it has six sides just use a 17MM.

Also, get a torque wrench and some anti-seize compound and apply a small amount of anti seize to the face that contacts the wheel. I use some on the threads also but that's just me.
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If you buy a 3/4 drive breaker bar like I did, do NOT use it to tighten the lug bolts on your Jetta!! I did and snapped two of the bolts. It should also still be 17mm for your oil drain plug (at least it was in '95 and why change sizes?).

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