Need oil change info


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Need oil change info

so i need help. i have a 94 altima and i have no clue as to what kind of oil it takes or how much of it?
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it should say in the owners manual, if that is missing then as a good rule of thumb a quality 10 w 30 should work, second as for how much that depends on the engine, usually 4 to 5 quarts, but the dip stick is the final word for when the engine is full, check after running to warm the engine and fill the oil filter. if you vehicle doesn't have a owners manual I would strongly suggest purchasing a vehicle repair manual from haynes or motor or chilton for that vehicle. the best are usually the factory shop manuals but they can be pricey however if you need much service work will pay for them selves.

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Are you planning on doing an oil change yourself, or will someone be doing it for you?... or are you just topping off? An oil change place should know how much oil and which type to use.

Your manual lists 5W-30 as the preferred oil grade for year-round conditions. Grades 10W-30 and 10W-40 can be used as long as the starting temperatures are above 0F, and 20W-50 can be used in temperatures above 50F.
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Don't be talked into synthetic oil for your car. Any brand name of regular (dino) oil will be fine.
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Originally Posted by definitlyawoman View Post
so i need help. i have a 94 altima and i have no clue as to what kind of oil it takes or how much of it?
I read in a post that "diesel oil" has greater detergency
than regular oil. Found only something like
"5-30 diesel oil" or some such (1 brand, one type)
in the entire auto parts store. I do not remember
if it was 1/2 synthetic. If you are buying your own
oil and plan on keeping the car...
otoh that is ALL I know about "diesel oil"
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You can find specs. at

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