93 Merc Sable: cruise control, trunk latch


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93 Merc Sable: cruise control, trunk latch

Recently bought this car with only 37k miles, checked CarFax.
Really belonged to a little old lady, bought from her son. Car had sat idle for several years after her death. I changed fluids, replaced tires, and it is fine--except cruise control does not work, interior latch release does not work. What is likely wrong?
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I'm guessing the cruise control problem might likely be the cable being seized, due to the fact that the car sat for so long. If you look at the the throttle, you will likely have 3 cables attached to it. Cable one: goes from the throttle to the acclerator pedal. Cable two: goes from the the throttle to the transmission (if it's automatic). Cable three (the cruise control cable!): goes from the throttle to a little piston/diaphagm (a part the shape of a flattened can). The cable is like a bicycle cable. Make sure that the inner part moves inside the the outer sheath. If not, it's seized. If it does, go to the back of the piston. There should be a flexible vacuum hose attached to it. If you suck on it, creating a vacuum, the piston should pull in on the cable at least a little bit. If it doesn't, the diaphagm may be torn or the piston linkage seized. If all that checks out okay, the problem is electrical. No ideas on the latch release issue.
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You may also want to post your question on the site below. You're bound to get a wider and more pointed audience. The site is very active.

Taurus Car Club of America -> Maintenance and Repair

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