Rebuilding VW 1.6L Diesel


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Rebuilding VW 1.6L Diesel

I cannot seem to find any step by step instructions on how to rebuild a VW 1.6L Diesel engine. Does anyone know of a link to a website with this information? Anything would be helpful.
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It's going to take more then a internet how-to, if there is any.
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I suggest finding a Clymer or Chilton manual, or a factory service manual if you can find one. The biggest thing to remember when doing a rebuild is clean,clean,clean. When you think it is clean enough, clean it some more, and do not get in a hurry take time to do things right.
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Robert Bentley manual/ Most big libraries have them.
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Your request is worded kind of funny. I don't believe you want a step-by-step to rebuild an engine. It doesn't exist. You take the engine completely apart, then put it back together.

What you want is information that tells you how to remove the engine from the vehicle, and specifications for checking the engine components for wear, torque specs, and other measurements. This is where the manuals suggested above come in handy.

There's also a bit of art in rebuilding an engine. No two mechanics approach it the same way.

Another alternative is to swap out the engine with a long block that is professionally rebuilt.
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The Haynes manuals usually have the rebuild specifications/tolerances and have more step by step break downs, but they wont tell you everything. Chiltons tend to tell you rebuild specifications, with less step by step. If you have never rebuilt an engine, you could get a book on how to rebuild an engine AND a manual with specifications. Using the one book, you will understand the principles, order of operations, the things to do and not to do. Using book with the specs, you will ensure that what is done, is done right. Ditto on the comment about cleanliness. Ditto on the idea of a long block, unless this won't just be about saving money. Perhaps you're really wanting this as a project to learn something and you have the spare time. In that case, try your best to do everything yourself and be well informed.
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Long block will have cylinders bored and pistons fit. Crank aligned and new bearings. Much better way to unless this is a learning process.
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Vw tdi

I have a VW TDI and the fuel economy, reliablility, and durability of these engines are awesome. I am now hooked on deisel, but the American Car Companies are all being pused by the U.S. government to build hybrid and electric cars, while the Germans being VW, BMW, and Mercedes are all putting their resources into clean deisel technology. I have a feeling the Germans are on the road to lead the market.

In 2008 the U.S. Government changed the restrictions on deisels due to emissions and some have said that the new requirements have taken away some of the quality of the deisel engines. We won't know if the new deisel cars will go for 300,000 plus miles like the ones prior to the changes.

Ford has a deisel car that gets 64 mpg, but it is not allowed to be sold in the U.S. due to government restrictions and is only being sold to oversea markets.

So if you have a VW TDI or a deisel vehicle prior to the U.S. Government Emmission changes, then hold on to it.

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