frame strut mounts


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frame strut mounts

I have a 97 plymouth voyager ( 3.0 ltr. engine 1OOk miles) that I took to the garage last week. It has been sitting in a garage for about the last year and a half not being driven so I finally needed to get it inspected and fix a few problems to get it road ready. To my surprise they told me to junk it. They showed me when you open the hood, on each side of the engine compartment where the strut mounts to the frame. It seems both the areas are rusted out pretty badly and are screwed if those pop up through the body. They advised they won't pass inspection in the current condition. They advised that there is no repair for this. Does this sound correct? It's a shame as the vehicle isn't tha old. Thanks
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Yeah. They are right that it probably won't pass inspection, and you will be screwed if it punches through while you're driving. A body shop could fix it by replacing the whole fender skirt on both sides, but it would require so much time and $$$ that you could probably buy three '97 voyageurs for the repair price. I don't know how badly they are rusted, but it wouldn't hurt to take it to another mechanic for a second opinion to see if he agrees it's really unsafe.

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