2002 Dodge Caravan- alternator


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2002 Dodge Caravan- alternator

I have a 2002 Dodge Caravan with 3.3 engine with 75,000 kms. I'm getting a constant rattle sound that I have traced to the alternator, and can heard the loudest with the engine idling.

Is this a common problem with this vehicle?

Any helpful ideas on the root cause, and ways to correct the problem rattle would be greatly appreciated.

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no its not a common problem would also double check to make sure it is coming from the alternater, the belt tensioner or waterpump would be more common to fail than the alternater. would start by removing the belt and spinning all the pulleys by hand and listening for any noise, then if that didnt pin point the problem would start the vehicle with the belt off to see if the noise is still there or if its gone, you do not want to leave it running for very long with the belt off around 30 seconds or a minute as you will not have water circulation wich could cause engine to overheat quickly but this will atleast tell you if its related to a belt driven component or something else, such as internal engine problem or exhuast shield, etc.
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checked the idler, tensioner and waterpump, I have changed many alternators in caravans and town and countrys for noise, rattle, knock,
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sounds like the water pump to me

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